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Supply&Teach is an agency with a difference. We are run by two former teachers who, thanks to years of experience in the classroom and in recruiting staff in schools, have a unique insight into not only what schools want from their supply staff but also what our supply staff want from their roles and their agency.

Our goal is to match the needs of our schools with the skills of our staff. In reality, what that means is that we ask our staff what they want – how far they want to travel, what age groups they want to teach, how many hours they want to work, what their expertise is etc. When we meet our schools, we ask all about the school – what are their expectations, what do they value most in supply staff, are their classes single or mixed year group classes, what cover they typically need, what interventions they run etc. That way, when a school contacts us about their requirements, we can select the most appropriate teacher or teaching assistant for them so they feel that person is an extension of their team and the person feels they’re part of that school, keeping both staff and school happy. If the school runs smoothly with the right member of staff in place, the children continue to access the best quality teaching and learning possible. Win/win!

Times for contacting us are important too. Most people don’t operate on a 9-5 schedule anymore and want their agency to be contactable at times that suit them. Equally, whilst schools may be officially open from around 8:30 until 3:30, we recognise that schools often need us outside these times too so they can prepare for the next day or deal with a last-minute staffing emergency. Unlike many agencies, we open at 6:30am Monday to Friday and even open on Sunday afternoons. Not only that, but we have an out-of-hours number alongside being available on email long after most agencies have gone home.

We also don’t consider ourselves the polished article – we are constantly learning more about what staff want and what schools need. We’re on a journey. We listen, take feedback and make changes to our service so we can constantly evolve and be the best agency we can be.


So if you're a school, looking for a dedicated and professional teacher or you're a brilliant teacher, looking for supply positions, then contact Supply&Teach today and talk to David or Sharon to find out what we can offer you.

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