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Needing supply teachers and TAs is inevitable in schools whether it's to cover illness, training courses or subject leadership time but let's be honest, it can be a minefield. We know because we've experienced it ourselves. We've been a class teacher, held senior leadership positions and been a headteacher and have first-hand experience of when it goes right or sadly, wrong. Some supply cover is excellent - their behaviour management is first-rate, they demonstrate an impressive subject knowledge and they replicate the school's marking policy; some though can be less than adequate -they're late, the work doesn't get completed to the standard expected and the class teacher is left having to repeat the work with the class when they return. 

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For Schools

Every day in school is precious to the learning and development of pupils and that should continue whether their usual class teacher or TA is there or has been replaced with supply. At Supply&Teach, we recognise the importance of providing quality supply cover and as a result, we design our interview process as if the candidate were applying for a permanent role. 

As you would expect, all our supply teachers and teaching assistants are rigorously vetted from a safeguarding perspective too and will arrive with their DBS and photo identification for each assignment. We will have checked their references, qualifications and right to work as a matter of course. Their experience and areas of expertise will be matched to the position needed by each individual school. 

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