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For Teachers & TAs

If you’re looking to start supply work or for a change of agency, then why choose to work with us? Supply&Teach was started by teachers like you and we understand not only what it’s like to be a teacher but specifically, a supply teacher and how important teaching assistants are to classroom too. Each day can bring a new school, new timetables and new marking expectations not to mention new challenges for your behaviour management skills. We also know that it can sometimes be isolating and you can sometimes feel like just a number. We want you to be part of a team - our team!

So are we any different to other agencies? We think so. We’ll get to know you, find out what expertise you have to offer and you can always be assured of a friendly voice at the end of the phone. We offer good rates of pay that are paid weekly and on time; listen to when you’re available for work; can handle your DBS renewal needs on your behalf and put you forward for appropriate assignments to your skill set. More than ever at the moment, supply teachers  and TAs are needed to ensure children can continue to learn and thrive so we appreciate just how important you are!

As teachers ourselves, we know the journey it takes to get into the classroom, how you learn and improve as you progress in your career and the struggles that are faced by the children you teach. As such, we want to reward you and give back to the system by donating to FareShare and Teach First every time you refer a friend. Click here to find out more. 

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