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NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) and ECT (Early Career Teacher)

As an NQT or ECT, support, guidance and encouragement are all essential and at Supply & Teach we pride ourselves on ensuring we provide this. We have both mentored teachers new to the profession and are more than happy to advise or support you on subject knowledge, behaviour management or just provide a friendly ear if you need it. We make it our priority to make sure you are placed into a school that matches your needs whether it be to hone your skills to a particular key stage or widen your experience in other year groups. Whether you are looking for long-term or day-to-day supply roles, we’ll get to know your every teaching need and find your perfect role.

How can we help?

Building up experience through supply roles can be the perfect way to help find your feet without having to commit to a permanent position. As teachers quitting the profession after just over a year reaches a record high, the stresses of teacher workload are clearly a catalyst for the failure to retain those early careers teachers. This highlights the positive elements of supply teaching as the workloads and pressures are not the same as in a permanent position. 

Supply teaching offers you the chance to gain and build experience on your terms – it can be as flexible as you like. It gives you the opportunity to understand how schools offer a variety of different experiences whether it be behaviour management, SEND opportunities, more community-based curriculums or EAL challenges. These are just some of the many differences within schools that you may find. You may find that you become a specialist yourself in one or more of these areas allowing your career path to take a different route – all because you were able to experience a variety of approaches as a result of supply teaching.

The longer you are in the role, the better understanding you’ll have of whether the role is suitable for you. Remember it’s not a permanent commitment. However, if it’s right for you, you are in pole position should a longer-term opportunity arise. Regardless of what happens, you’ll be gaining valuable points of reference for future positions.

We will spend time getting to know what YOU want from a job and match you with a school that will provide that for longer term placements. For shorter term placements, we’ll help provide the breadth of experience you need at this point in your career. Register with us and you’ll be ready to go in no time to a perfectly-matched position that will help start your career in teaching.

You may find the websites below helpful:

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